G. Stephanides Son & Co is a family-run business founded in Cyprus in 1906 by George Stephanides. From these beginnings, his company has earned a reputation on the island for high standards of craftsmanship and service, resulting in many original pieces being commissioned by prominent figures on the island. During his term in office, Archbishop Markarios III gifted our work to J.F. Kennedy, president Tito of Yugoslavia, Nasser of Egypt, chairman Mao, and members of the Greek, Danish and British Royal families amongst others.

Since its conception, our company has developed its distictive character through the production of our own designs, which are handcrafted in our own workshop. We place a great deal of importance upon our Cypriot heritage, and combine this with contemporary designs to produce a unique fusion of the traditional and modern. Today, G. Stephanides is celebrating over 100 years of history, and the current management, decendents of the founder, strive to provide the standards of quality and service that have become synonymous with the name of G. Stephanides.